Via Lucis - The Way of the Risen Christ

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The Via Lucis is a form of Christian devotion that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and the episodes that occurred from his encounter with Mary Magdalene till Pentecost. Divided in fourteen stations, the “Way of the Light” invites us to meditate on the Gospel narratives of the transcendental events, which are accompanied by reflection of the Magisterium and by Prayer. The prayer of the Via Lucis reminds us of the importance of the resurrection and moves us to joy and hope.

  • Weight (grams) : 300
  • Author/s : Pablo Cervera Barranco
  • Size : 14 x 22 cm
  • Materials : Paper KIT-SP02436
  • No Of Pages : 84
  • ISBN : 978-971-004-284-5
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    Pablo Cervera Barranco, a priest of the Archdiocese of Madrid, has a doctorate in theology from the Gregorian University, a licentiate in Philosophy from the University of Santo Tomas, and is a diploma holder in Religious Life from Letran University. He has been the executive director of the Fundacion Universitaria San Pablo CEU. Presently, he is the editor of the Spanish edition of the magazine Magnificat. He is the author of Rosario para el tercer Milenio; La belleza de la fe; En el Corazon de la fe; El Credo y la Eucarestia, and El Via Crucis de los santos, all published by San Pablo.

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