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ISBN: 978-0-89942-095-0

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These editions of the 3-Volume Weekday Lectionary, which includes Weekdays for Years I and II, the Proper and Common of Saints, and Ritual and Votive Masses, have been carefully arranged to make them the most pastoral, practicable, and functional Weekday Lectionary possible. 

Pulpit Edition
Vol. II: Weekday Mass Year I— reen hardcover. 1536 pages.—ISBN 978-0-89942-092-9
Vol. Ill: Weekday Mass Year II—Burgundy hardcover. 1536 pages.—ISBN 978-0-89942-093-6
Vol. IV: Ritual Masses, Masses for Various Needs and Occasions, and Votive Masses—Brown hardcover.
1176 pages.—ISBN 978-0-89942-094-3

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