The Liturgy of the Hours Complete Set

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The official and widely acclaimed American Edition (4-Volume Set) of “The Liturgy of the Hours.” Countless Catholics have found it to be easy to read, most elegant, and easy to use. Each volume is liturgically accurate, magnificently printed, and beautifully bound as befits its use for the Prayer of the Church. You will find this Set ideal for both your private and your communal daily prayer.

No. 401—Volume I : Advent and Christmas Seasons

No. 402 — Volume II : Lenten and Easter Seasons

No. 403 —Volume III : Ordinary TimeWeeks 1 to 17

No. 404 — Volume IV : Ordinary Time——Weeks 18 to 34


Special sight-saving typeface — designed especially to make this edition the most legible and readable.

Attractive format — Each page has been carefully arranged with optimum spacing between lines and extra space between prayers.

Official ICEL translations — are the only ones approved by all the United States Bishops and other English-speaking countries.

“New American Bible” — This popular and highly acclaimed version is used for all Scripture readings.

Printed in two colors — Black is used for prayers and red for rubrics to enable every reader to read each page with ease.

Grail Psalms — the only translation approved for use by all English-speaking Episcopal Conferences.

Sense-line arrangement — for all poetic and prayer texts for easier reading and understanding.

Quality ribbon markers are sufficient to keep track of all options on any given day, eliminating confusion.

Illustrated Liturgical illustrations appear unobtrusively from time to time to break up the printed page and give added beauty to the book.

Carefully selected Hymns — include the finest vernacular songs (traditional and modern).

Handy prayer cards — reproduce the MOST USED texts, thus eliminating much unnecessary page-turning.

Flexible durable binding — enhances the value of the book and insures a “lifetime” of good use.




makes “The Liturgy of the Hours”— Easier to Use

Anyone can easily use this edition of “The Liturgy of the Hours” by consulting the guidelines that are found in the Ordinary (see Contents) and are reproduced on the Handy Cards that come with each Volume. However, many people prefer to make use of the handy ST. JOSEPH GUIDE in praying the Liturgy of the Hours.

This detailed Guide indicates the Office or Feast for each day as well as the page number for each Hour. It thus enables everyone to pray the Office without distraction, with greater understanding and devotion, and with added joy.

If you wish to have an up-to-date Guide, you may obtain one online from Catholic Book Publishing Corp., mail the Order Form below to Catholic Book Publishing Corp., or contact your local Religious Bookstore.


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